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Nefab offers complete packaging solutions for the entire logistics flow of its customers. Through a system of products and services combined with Nefabīs global presence, the customer’s total costs for logistics and product protection are reduced.

  The Company  

The Company

The packaging company Nefab, established in 1949, is market leader in the area of transport packaging manufactured from sheet material and steel.

 Nefab operates within three business areas

 • NEFAB ExPak (collapsible export packaging system)
 • NEFAB RePak (reusable transport-packaging and storage system)
 • NEFAB Complete Packaging Solutions



The business area includes collapsible export packaging systems featuring a minimum of material utilization. The products are designed to protect their contents from damage and theft under difficult transport conditions. The design concept also allows the packagings to be reused many times. The basic material is usually plywood joined together with profiles and "klammer bands" of galvanized steel. The "klammer band" is a unique Nefab method of assembling the box frame.  

NEFAB ExPak is the natural choice:

• When packaging solutions are required for the long-distance transportation of transport-sensitive and/or theft-prone goods.
• If high freight costs and/or damage to goods are a problem.  

NEFAB ExPak is a well-established transport packaging, particularly for multinational companies in the telecom equipment, automotive, engineering and electronics industries. Its unique feature of offering cost-effective product protection is well-known.  



NEFAB RePak is the natural choice for companies:

• Which plan to introduce returnable and flexible transport packaging systems that eliminate disposable packaging.
• Which want to reduce packaging costs.
• Which intend to reduce packaging waste.
• Which have continuous transport packaging flows exceeding two years in complex distribution flows. 

The NEFAB RePak product area consists of collapsible, reusable packagings. Sheet materials and proprietary steel components are used to manufacture the products.

Through our NEFAB RePak organization, we offer: Expert advice during the decision-making process. Cost and investment estimates and sensitivity analyses using RECO (Reusable Cost Calculation) software. Alternatives to traceability.

  Complete Packaging Solutions  

Complete Packaging Solutions

The concept of complete packaging solutions means that Nefab assumes responsibility for packaging matters throughout the entire logistics flow of its customers - from suppliers to end - customers. The objective is to reduce the customers' total costs for logistics and transport protection and to contribute to the lowest possible environmental impact.

Packaging Solutions
offers a broad range of packaging solutions for transport and material handling, including:

Export Packaging • Plywood and OSB • Corrugated board
Reusable Packaging • Plywood • Wood • Plastic • Steel
Inner Packaging Materials• Cushioning • Corrosion and ESD protection • Fittings

Packaging Logistics Services
Nefab offers a wide range of services related to packaging logistics:

Sourcing of packaging material
Vendor Managed Inventory
Management of reusable packaging pools
Packing services

To strengthen its role as a global supplier of complete packaging solutions, Nefab has entered close partnerships with several leading players in the market.

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